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RecSpot provides social context throughout the app. You’ll see which friends like the content and you can view their ratings and comments.
We do not store credentials or your contacts. For more detailed privacy information visit
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Activity Feed
Where you find what your friends love and what content is trending. The more your friends rate the more you’ll find here.
What gets added to my Activity Feed?
Your feed displays new content from people you follow, as well as RecSpot curated content. To see more in your Feed, add more friends and rate more content!
When I publish a recommendation, does it go into other users’ feeds?
Yes, but only for accounts that follow you.
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Where you can search, explore, and rate fresh content and RecLists. You can also search for other RecSpot users.
What is Media?
This tab features trending media curated by RecSpot. You can also search and find media recomendations from this tab.
What is Places?
In the places tab you can search a city or zip code, or use your current location, to explore and rate places including restaurants, hotels, and activities.
What is People?
You can search, find, and follow other users in the People tab within Discover.
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Where you can chat with friends, manage your recommendations, and view notifications to see your friends’ activity.
What is Chat?
Where you can start a new chat and view your chat history with friends.
What is Recs?
Your central place where recommendations are stored. Know who sent you a rec and who else recommends it. Add recs to OnDeck or a RecList or share the rec with a friend.
What is Notifications?
The notifications tab is where you can view your friend’s latest activity and see when someone you know joined RecSpot.
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Where you find everything you’ve saved, curated, and rated. Connect to other users and see how similar you are to your friends. Sync third-party apps to your watch history.
Who can see what I publish in my Profile?
If your account is public, all RecSpot users can view what you publish in your profile. If your account is private, only your approved followers can access what you publish in your profile.
Where do I connect to others and see who I am connected to?
Followers and Following is where you invite people to join you in RecSpot, connect to people on RecSpot, and see who you are following and who is following you.
How do I see how similar my taste is to my friends?
Click on the bullseye icon on your profile page.
What is OnDeck?
OnDeck is where your bookmarked items are stored. This is the list of items you want to experience.
What is RecLists?
RecLists is where you curate lists of content for yourself and to share with others.
What is MySpot?
MySpot is your personal archive. Everything you’ve watched or rated will be here. MySpot helps you remember what you’ve watched, and allows you to easily share your favorite recs with others.

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